that time of year

favourites from spring 2013 rtw.
american sportswear at its best.


honey boo boo

Weekend at Olivia's cottage. Hate to end it off with the cheeseball windows '97 desktop background, however it was just so beautiful. Its funny how we only stop and take time to watch the sunrise when we're away or on vacation. So much to appreciate, always. 


I recently re-posted all of my grade 8 post because, honestly I'm really proud of them. Looking back, I truly agree with everything I said before. Maybe some outfits I should have re thought (take note to my excessive legging under short dresses obsession) but I was really on my fashion game and I want to get back! Here's some photos from my inspiration folder that have been piling up.
And can we talk about Waris Ahluwalia? Because he's fucking awesome. Not only does he dress impeccable, but he is bffs with Wes Anderson.

Oh, and I'm also obsessed with Taylor Tomasi Hill. She is a layering wizard. Cannot wait for fall.
Vintage Anthony Kiedis is also a must. Long haired males have become super attractive to me ever since I fell in love with him while reading Scar Tissue. Something so attractive about a man who has the confidence to rock shoulder length hair. Just me? Alright. 


To my 2 beloved followers, sorry for the lack of posts.
I've been feeling a little like this...


So, I think I broke the unwritten rule of showing your toes to the public, ever. Even if it isn't an unwritten rule it should be. You probably didn't even notice those puppies did you?!
Besides my sausage toes, I am wearing my favourite turban, that is not only the sole thing my friends parents love to mock me about but is super warm also. 


second post, THUG LYFE
haven't posted all week, due to the enormous amount of homework coming out of my ass.

song of the day?

Got This Money- Childish Gambino
Love Donald Glover, love love love him. I'm even doing this thing where I tweet him everyday with the hopes of him giving me tickets to his sold out show. In this fantasy, we meet up, he gives me tickets, dismisses the fact that he's way older than me, and we fall in love and I become his hipster dj girlfriend that he's been waiting for all his life. I'm not totally crazy though.


This is my first post ever to Shit I Wore. Pretty, pretty, pretty big deal.
Who knew choosing a font would be so difficult? So for now, im gonna stick with verdana.

I just realized I already probably bored most of you with a shpeel about fonts. Go figure.


harvey digs sabrina


pacey witter 4ever

so i watched dawson's creek all day. i'm so quirky and irrelevant to todays pop culture.


because i'm the only 16 year old who would have a themed birthday

AH, I have so many events to catch you all up on. 
Numero uno, my 90s birthday! Which theme was surprisingly successful, even if it meant my token black friend to wear a red bandana and a sign that said 'tupac.'
Oh well, I had fun. I went sort of for the kelly kapowski crimped hair vibe, regardless of me wearing a 'saved by the bell' t shirt...in which it wouldn't be even possible for Kelly to wear...