I recently re-posted all of my grade 8 post because, honestly I'm really proud of them. Looking back, I truly agree with everything I said before. Maybe some outfits I should have re thought (take note to my excessive legging under short dresses obsession) but I was really on my fashion game and I want to get back! Here's some photos from my inspiration folder that have been piling up.
And can we talk about Waris Ahluwalia? Because he's fucking awesome. Not only does he dress impeccable, but he is bffs with Wes Anderson.

Oh, and I'm also obsessed with Taylor Tomasi Hill. She is a layering wizard. Cannot wait for fall.
Vintage Anthony Kiedis is also a must. Long haired males have become super attractive to me ever since I fell in love with him while reading Scar Tissue. Something so attractive about a man who has the confidence to rock shoulder length hair. Just me? Alright. 

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