Sarah Aoanan from Stylelikeu.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.
gahh, I love her leather shorts and Y-3 sneakers..Also check out; Amanda doman, Lexie Smith and Siena Flemming. Beware, they're super-addictive. I spent the whole night watching them....It also made me excited to re-think my wardrobe, and how to re-use old things. I found a saved by the bell tee and tacky i heart ny one.Trying to think how to work those. I also kind of want an awesome collection of sneakers. But who doesn't?


  1. I don't want an awesome collection of sneakers.

    Just kidding:) I recently bought some Adidas hi-tops to add to my collection, haha.

    I think I'm addicted to these videos now..
    And you should post pictures of your SBTB shirt! :)